‘Meticulously researched, passionately intense novels that bring to life the figure of Robert Bruce with all his strengths, weaknesses and drive… an extraordinary portrait of one of the great duels of medieval history…’ For Winter Nights Blog

‘With Robyn Young’s meticulously researched Kingdom one suspects this might be more faithful to the records than many a supposedly factual account . . . This is not fiction for the fainthearted. It teems with characters and the intricacies of the feuding, treacherous English court and Scottish nobility . . . It is compelling, the author’s devotion to her subject making the story blaze with passion. As one closes this book it is hard to believe these players have been dust for 700 years or more.’ Herald Scotland

‘Robyn Young delivers a magnificent slice of British history in the final part of her superb Insurrection Trilogy.’  Books Monthly

‘This trilogy is an excellent read. Young follows the manifestations of Bruce’s struggle for power down to the most minute detail, culminating in glory and victory. As good a set as Nigel Tranter’s earlier trilogy.’ The Scots Magazine

‘Young’s first trilogy, Brethren, proved her ability to make medieval history come alive and she does it again with Renegade.’  Female First

‘It is not by luck or accident that Robyn Young has become one of the most successful and respected historical fiction authors writing today . . . Not only has she taken on the quest to bring such monumental figures as Robert Bruce, William Wallace, and King Edward Longshanks, back to glorious, feuding life, Young has filled them with humanity and inner conflict. These are not heroes or villains but rather men full of doubt and envy, passion and ambition; men just as capable of self-sacrifice, loyalty and love as they are of engaging in slaughter . . . A wonderful tale, superbly told.’ Giles Kristian, author of the Raven series

‘A gripping new historical novel . . . an epic tale of greed, intrigue and war, set against a wild landscape.’ The Lady

‘The best historical fiction doesn’t just recreate the past, it speaks to the present. Robyn Young has the knack of finding subjects that resonate.’ The Big Issue

‘RENEGADE is one of the most exciting stories of Medieval Europe to emerge in the last forty years. Superb.’ Books Monthly

‘Robyn has a wonderful skill. [RENEGADE] is gripping, exciting, and written with a swift, tense pace that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. It’s the very best in modern historical writing…’ Michael Jecks, author of City of Fiends

‘With characteristic panache, Young carves a passionate route through the troubled, complex, divided and divisive times of Bruce and Wallace…a glorious, bloody, passionate history…’ M.C. Scott, author of The Eagle of the Twelfth

‘The learning is never cumbersome, a deft trick when describing medieval warfare.’ Scotsman

‘It is so graphic you can immediately put yourself there, imagining the faces and the clash of weapons. It draws you in and is a compelling novel you cannot put down. So much research must have gone into the book; the detail is incredible. I enjoyed it so much.’ The BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Book Club

‘Like Young’s other historical novels, Insurrection is meticulously researched. The real historical incidents in Bruce’s life are cleverly interspersed with fictional events, Celtic mysticism and gory battles. Insurrection is a treat for any fans of the Scottish Wars of Independence.’ Historical Novel Society

‘If you love Scottish history, you won’t want to miss this fresh take on Robert the Bruce. He comes of age in this vivid, action-packed thriller.’ Ken McGoogan, author of How the Scots Invented Canada

‘Action-packed…a fighting start to a new trilogy.’ The Sun

‘…a thrilling, thoroughly engrossing historical novel by a first-class writer at the very top of her game.’ Angus Donald, author of the Outlaw Chronicles

“…another fine novel by Young and a promising start to an exciting new series.” Canberra Times

‘…leads you in swiftly and doesn’t let you go.’ Women’s Weekly, Australia

‘this tale captures the struggles of a tumultuous time.’ Daily Telegraph, Australia

‘…immaculately researched and carefully written, evoking a very particular – and largely unexplored – time and place. The fights are sensational…’  The Telegraph

‘This is a big book, and the trilogy a huge project to undertake. From the evidence so far, Young’s fans will not be disappointed as she meticulously ploughs through the sweep of history and brings to life one of its most enigmatic characters.’ Daily Mail

‘Ideal for anyone who loves historical fiction and anyone else who wants a well written and intricate read.’ The Sentinel (Staffordshire)

‘A cracking plot and charismatic characters are set against the convincingly researched background of the violent, gory Anglo-Scottish civil wars…’  Saga Magazine

‘The fast and furious start to a majestic new trilogy.’ Woman & Home Magazine


‘Young writes with remarkable accuracy, action-packed efficiency and gut-wrenching violence.’ The Times

‘Intricate but wonderfully written…an exhilarating ride…evokes the atmosphere of the times brilliantly…’  Birmingham Post

‘..a sweeping historical adventure as well as a cracking sequel.’ The Financial Times

‘…a fascinating period…Young’s prose is fine and the plot is satisfyingly complex.’  The Sunday Telegraph

‘Richly worked and captivating…an epic story of war, intrigue and heroism.’ Good Book Guide

‘El Cid meets the Da Vinci Code! Exciting, page-turning fiction.’ Boyd Hilton (Simon Mayo’s book panel)

‘Combining rich historical detail, clever plotting and engaging characters, Young has crafted a historical thriller that will have readers turning pages and envisioning the sequel.’ Publishers Weekly

‘A sweeping historical adventure with strong characters and serious verve…’ Sarah Weinman, Baltimore Sun

‘In a word: Gripping.’ The Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

‘Young combines historical detail, lively characterisation and strong narrative drive.’ The Canberra Times

‘Irresistible… Teeming with spirited characters, treachery and betrayal.’ Raymond Khoury, author of The Last Templar

‘…one of the best historical debuts in recent memory.’ John Connolly, author of The Book of Lost Things

‘Wonderful …loaded with medieval atmosphere, action, and intrigue.’ Steve Berry, author of The Templar Legacy

‘Engaging and enjoyable’ Tom Harper, author of Siege of Heaven

‘If you love the Templars, the Crusades, and the Middle Ages, this is the book for you.’ Sharon Kay Penman, author of Prince of Darkness

‘Pacy and well-written, with vivid, convincing characters…’ Alison Weir, author of Innocent Traitor

‘…a brilliant piece of sustained imagination.’ David Boyle, author of Blondel’s Song

Robyn Young, internationally bestselling author of the Brethren and Insurrection Trilogies & the forthcoming Renaissance series.

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