First reviews for Kingdom

The Herald’s Rosemary Goring confronts an army of books on Bannockburn in the run up to the 700th anniversary.

Of Kingdom, she says…

‘With Robyn Young’s meticulously researched Kingdom one suspects this might be more faithful to the records than many a supposedly factual account . . . This is not fiction for the fainthearted. It teems with characters and the intricacies of the feuding, treacherous English court and Scottish nobility . . . It is compelling, the author’s devotion to her subject making the story blaze with passion. As one closes this book it is hard to believe these players have been dust for 700 years or more.’ 

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and from The Scots Magazine

‘This trilogy is an excellent read.  Young follows the manifestations of Bruce’s struggle for power down to the most minute detail, culminating in glory and victory.   As good a set as Nigel Tranter’s earlier trilogy.’